6. Mounting Sleeve for Flexible LED Strip (Longer Length Mounting Sleeve Installation)

Mounting Sleeve for Flexible LED Strip
(Longer Length Mounting Sleeve Installation)

1 - When using the mounting sleeve for installations of flexible LED strip that are longer than six feet, you will experience difficulty in getting the flexible LED strip through the mounting sleeve. One method for sliding the Flexible LED strip into the sleeve is to use 10 lb. fishing line, a paper clip and a magnet.

LED Ribbon Flex with Mounting Sleeve

2 - First, Insert 10 lb. fishing line into paper clip.


3 - Tie a clinch knot to secure the fishing line to the paper clip.


4 - Cut off the excess to reduce drag when passing through the mounting sleeve.


5. - Insert the paper clip with fishing line into the mounting sleeve. Place the magnet on the top or bottom of the mounting sleeve. The paper clip will stick to the magnet. Start moving the paper clip through the mounting sleeve.


6. - Once you reach the other end, then you are ready to hook onto the Flexible LED Strip.


7. - Hook the paper clip onto one of the LEDs on the strip and slowly slide them into the mounting sleeve.


8. - Pull the Flexible LED strip through the mounting sleeve at a steady pace. It might be helpful to have a second person hold this end to help guide the flexible LED Strip through.


9. - Once you reach the end remove the paper clip.


10. - You are now ready to make your other connections.