5. Mounting Sleeve for Flexible LED Strip

LED Lighting Installation - DIY Tips

Mounting Sleeve for Flexible LED Strip

1 - Our mounting sleeve can make your LED under cabinet installation easy. First measure and Cut to correct length.

led mounting sleeve

2 - Use screws, nails or staples to attach to surface. You can also use double sided tape.

** You can slide Flexible LED Strip into mounting sleeve before attaching to surface.

led mounting sleeve staple

3 - Slide Flexible LED Strip into sleeve. This step can be done before you attach mounting sleeve to surface.

led mounting sleeve up close

4 - When you have runs of 6 feet or more of flexible LEDs, you will have difficulty sliding the Flexible LED Strip through the mounting sleeve. Use fish tape to make this easier or try the method below.

Flexible LED Strip Mounting Sleeve

5. - Another method for sliding the Flexible LED strip into the sleeve is to use 10 lb. fishing line, a paper clip and a magnet. Follow this link for instructions:

Mounting Sleeve Tips for Longer Length Installs

LED Ribbon Flex with Mounting Sleeve