3. How to Install a Magnetic Dimmer

Magnetic Dimmers have become more popular for dimming led lights. They give you a more decorative solution to dimming LED Light strips or fixtures. This guide illustrates how to install a magnetic transformer, magnetic low voltage dimmer and led lights.

** We recommend a licensed electrician for this installation. **

1. Some of the components, in a typical installation, are the LED Lights (Flexible LED Strips, LED Under cabinet Lights, etc.), a magnetic low voltage dimmer, a magnetic transformer and some wire nuts.

2. Start off with the magnetic low voltage dimmer, connect one of the black wires on the dimmer to the Hot wire (line voltage) coming from the wall. In this case our hot wire is black.

3. Next, connect the other black wire on the dimmer to the black wire on the magnetic transformer.

4. Now let's hook up the Neutral wire from the wall to the white wire on the transformer. In this case our neutral (common) wire is white.

5. Finally, connect the green wire from the magnetic transformer and magnetic dimmer to the ground wire from the wall. In this case it is the bare cooper wire.

6. Once you have done that you can connect the red (12V +) wire and blue (12V -) wire to the positive and negative on the LED lights..

Magnetic Dimmer and Transformer Install Diagram