Whats Needed for Flexible LED Strip Installations

1 - Our flexible LED strips operate on 12 volts DC. The power supply that you will use is dependent on the length of Flexible LEDs that you are installing. For example, a sixteen foot piece of Flexible LED strip will draw 1.6 amps of current. So you would use a 2 amp power supply. You can use a higher amperage power supply for increased capacity which allows you to expand your lengths of LEDs.

2 - You will need Flexible LEDs in the length that your project requires. Single color LEDs on a Flexible strip come in a variety of colors such as, red, green, blue and amber. We also have RGB Flexible LED Ribbon and RGB LED controllers.

3 - Finally you will need a way of connecting the Flexible LEDs to the power supply. The end of the power supply has a Male DC Coaxial connector. You can use a Female DC Coaxial connector to plug into the power supply. You will then have two lead wires that can connect to a solderless connector or solder the lead wires directly to the strip.

4 - We have a variety of solderless connectors to make your installations easier. One solderless connector connects two pieces of flexible led strip together with no space in between. Another connector has wire in between the connectors so that you can make angled connections for corners. We have another connector that gives you two lead wires, so that you can connect to the female DC jack.