4. Gallery

At LED Distributors we are proud to supply the best in LED lighting to our customers. Check out our gallery of work to see some of the amazing makeovers that can be done for your vehicle, business or home.

Bathroom Remodel

To give this mirror a floating effect, we used Side Emitting Flexible LED strip for three sides of this mirror, while we added Top Emitting Flex Strip to the top of the mirror. The crème onyx stone in combination with our Warm White LED Flexible Strip create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

LED Bathroom Mirror Installation


Cove lighting Flexible LED Ribbon

Pacific Medical Plaza - Newport Beach, CA

This surgical center used red Flexible LED Strips to mark caution zones when they are in surgery. The Flexible LED Strips where installed in and aluminum channel with a diffused acrylic cover. Each of the four zones are connected to switches located in a central location.

We carry a variety of Channel Profiles with diffusers. Contact us for more information.


Warm White LED Flex Strip

Warm White Flexible LED Strips were used in the coves of the ceiling of this restaurant. The 3000k color temperature of our Warm White LEDs are the perfect accent to the warm hues of the room and add to the overall ambiance.

3000k is a measurement of light color, referred to as color temperature, in Kelvin (k). 3000k is the preferred measurement by most professionals due to the way it accentuates interiors.

Roy's LED Cove Lighting Warm White


Cabana Blue LED Lighting

A Backyard Oasis

In this project we used Blue LEDs in the Palapa for a backyard BBQ. The soothing light enhances the mood of a relaxing evening in the backyard. Imagine sitting back after work and enjoying a margarita while you enjoy the sunset.


Color Changing LEDs – Liven Up the Party

Yes, you can even add lighting effects to your fireplace. On this faux fireplace we placed LEDs around the exterior marble face, making it very unique from more conventional fireplaces. The RGB color changing flexible LEDs are multicolor, and you can switch between colors with a touch of a button.


Light Your Fireplace?

Yes, you can add lighting effects to your fireplace. This faux fireplace has LEDs around the exterior marble face. It's very unique and will impress any who see it. RGB color changing flexible LED's are multi color and you can switch between colors with a touch of a button.


Cove lighting Flexible LED Ribbon

Condominium - Vancouver, Canada

Our flexible LED lights really enhance the beauty of this Vancouver condominium. The RGB color changing flex strip was used in the living room, kitchen and dining area. About 100 feet of flex strip was used with two networked LDX3 controllers.

For Our Vancouver, Canada reseller and installer:

Call us at 714-930-3398


El Torito - Cypress

El Torito offers delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. They used our Color changing Flexible LED Strips to highlight some of their premium liquors. They also used our LDX2 LED Controller to change the lights from anywhere within the bar. Next time your in town, try one of their excellent margaritas and enjoy the lights.

El Torito is located at:

5995 Katella Ave., Cypress, California. Their Phone number is 714-761-8155.

Flexible LED Ribbon El Torrito


led flex strip for auto

JT Audio & Accessories

JT Audio has done a few installations with our Flexible LED Strips. In this modification of a beautiful Blue Porsche he used the Blue Flexible LED Strip around the edge of the amplifiers. The effect is stunning!

JT Audio & Accessories is located at:

118 S. Loara Street, Anaheim, California. Their Phone number is 714-817-8282.


Stan's Kitchen

Stan decided to use Flexible LED Strip to accent his under cabinets.The LEDs were connected in one continuous circuit. They cut a channel behind the backsplash in order to run wire to the other strips. The lights are turned on and off with a switch. Stan decided to go with Warm White Flexible LED Strip and he used the clear mounting strip for easier installation. It was a great decision and we think the kitchen looks GREAT!

"The lights are really easy to install. Since our backsplash was down and the wire is only 24 gauge, we used a rotozip to cut a small trench into the sheet rock to run wire from strip to strip. It was so easy and worked perfectly. Thank you again"

Stan M.

led under cabinet flex strip