EZ Trac, LED Under Cabinet Light 12" Kit
12" LED Light Bar Kit

EZ Trac, LED Under Cabinet Light 12" Kit

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Part Number:LD5015

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EZ trac LED light fixtures offer an energy efficient, low maintenance and modern alternative to traditional under cabinet lighting and a perfect solution for lighting dark corners and eliminating shadows. Create a wonderful ambiance by highlighting your countertops with our elegant EZ Trac 12” Kit. Make task areas more functional by using this low profile, high output LED under cabinet lights.


Enjoy our EZ Trac "plug and play kit", especially useful in kitchen lighting design projects. Our EZ trac kit is perfect for very large customized under cabinet lighting projects. EZ trac LED under cabinet lights has the ability to be combined with a variety of connectors and controllers which creates an easy connection to link many lights in sequence.

This EZ Trac LED light bar kit can easily replace any existing under cabinet light, with an energy efficient LED light fixture. Using only 3 watts of energy, the led light bar is a great replacement for halogen or incandescent lights. Look great in Kitchen light fixtures.

This 12" kit includes the following:

  • (1) 12" EZ Trac LED Light Bar
  • (1) Power Connector (40")
  • (1) 2.1 mm Female DC Jack (5")
  • (1) Direct Connector with Wire (40"
  • (1) Direct Connector (5/8" Space between light bars)
  • (4) Mounting Screws

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